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The BASF Coating Center in Ludwigshafen

Dedicated support team

When processing acResin®, you can rely on our service and expertise. At our Coating Center, we can help you to optimize your chosen coating systems and provide valuable input as you decide on new technologies or investments.

In close collaboration with major machine manufacturers, our team continuously works on improving coating technologies and concepts for new plants. 

Available coating systems

  • Slot die with rotating bar
  • Curtain die
  • Kiss coat
Technical data  
Min./max. coating speed 15 / 700 m/min
UV lamps 8 x 170 W/cm
Width of coating substrate 550 mm
Width of laminating substrate 570 mm
Diameter of core 76 or 152 mm / 3 or 6 inch
Max. diameter of rolls 1000 mm
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BASF Coating Center Imagefilm

The fastest and most flexible trial facility for adhesives

BASF’s Coating Center is a unique facility providing a wide range of coating solutions, product samples and demonstrations, as well as advice and support on adhesive technologies.