Dispersions & Resins


We offer a wide range of acrylic polymer dispersions and UV-curable acrylic hotmelts, which are used in the production of PSA for both paper and filmic labels. The consistent quality of our Acronal® dispersions as well as their high mechanical stability allow our customers to keep their production constant, minimizing adhesive-related production downtimes. Adequate cohesion at high adhesion levels provides a trouble-free converting process.

We develop our products using the know-how of our dedicated R&D resources as well as our team of coating experts, constantly looking for ways to improve the coating technology. Gravure and curtain coating heads for general purpose permanent (GPP) or Alltemp Labels, a slot die for UV-curable acrylic hotmelts are just some examples of the different options we can offer our customers for trials simulating realistic production conditions.

Whether you produce high-end clear filmic labels or standard white labels, our products are the right choice. Excellent transparency is achieved up to a coating speed of 600m/min. The fine-tuned adhesion / cohesion profile makes for easy processing. Finally, all our products have food contact approval.

UV-curable acrylic hotmelts

Product name Application properties
acResin® A 204 UV

Excellent suitability for permanent labels & durable labels

acResin® A 250 UV Resistance to water whitening, preferred for clear-on-clear labels
acResin® UV 3532 Resistance to water whitening, preferred for wash off filmic labels

Acrylic dispersions

Product name Application properties
Acronal® V 215

Permanent paper labels, high formulation latitude with tackifier dispersions

Acronal® A 110 Removable paper labels, different adhesion levels through formulation possible
Acronal® V 115 Very good low temperature behaviour
Acronal® 3715  Excellent adhesion on cold and moist polar and nonpolar surfaces
Acronal® A 225 Permanent filmic labels with good adhesion and cohesion balance
Acronal® A 245 Filmic labels with very good removabilty on different surface
Acronal® 3760 Excellent, residue-free removability after long application time of a paper label on various substrates
Acronal® 3608 Improved water whitening resistance for filmic labels

Styrene-butadiene dispersions

Product name Application properties
Butofan® LS 103 Imparts water repellence to pressure senstive adhesives for permanent paper labels