Dispersions & Resins

Butonal® NX 1129

Our solution for slurry seals and crack sealing


Butonal® NX 1129 is a novel latex polymer dispersion designed to be mixed with hot mix asphalt to produce a highly elastic modified binder with long-term storage stability. 

Butonal® NX 1129 can be incorporated into anionic bitumen emulsions via addition to the soap solution (batch process) or co-milling (continuous process).

Butonal® NX 1129

  • Enhancement of residue binder properties such as forced ductility, toughness & tenacity, elastic recovery and softening point.
  • The additional cross-link stabilization offers a lower tendency to segregate or skin formation when the dispersion is stored for a longer period.
  • Liquid with high solid content approx. 70%.

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Butonal® NX 1129 is used in the following applications:

 • Chip seal

 • Slurry seal

 • Industrial emulsions

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