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Rheofalt® LT-70 

Rheofalt® LT-70 is a special synthetic paraffin wax formulation that also contains antioxidants. It reduces bitumen viscosity and improves the processability of the asphalt mixture. 

The asphalt temperature can be reduced by up to 70°C. This means that Rheofalt® LT-70 offers a 30 to 40°C improved temperature reduction than other ordinary waxes. Due to the reduced temperature of the asphalt mixture, longer transport distances are possible. RheoFalt® LT-70 also increases the stability of the asphalt pavement.

visible condition solids (%) viscosity (mPa∙s) specific gravity (g/cm³) pH Tg (DSC) (°C)


~ 48
(EN ISO 3251)

~ 100 - 500 

(EN ISO 3219, 100 1/s, 23°C)

~ 1,03 ~ 7,0
(EN ISO 976)

physical form viscosity (mPa∙s) specific gravity @70°C solid content colour saybolt


max. 10mm²/s
(DIN 51562-1)

750-800 kg/m³

(DIN 51757)

min. 98% min. +28 (DIN 51411)
odour softening point penetration oil content

DIN ISO 2207 (68-72°C)

min. 6mm/10

DIN ISO 2903 (max. 0.5%)


RheoFalt® LT-70 is suitable for asphalt with lowered viscosity for temperature reduction.

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