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Construction Additives

We create chemistry for advanced construction

To achieve groundbreaking formulations providing outstanding workability and physical properties, your system needs advanced raw materials. BASF offers a broad range of powder and liquid additives which enable you to formulate innovative products. 

The properties of construction materials, such as dry mortars and prefabricated materials, are influenced by the quality of local raw materials. Therefore, interactions between organic and inorganic binders, fillers and a range of chemical additives need to be controlled to ensure the best performance of the system. Our application-focused technical experts in our laboratories support you in optimizing your formulations and choosing the right raw materials.

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We provide you with the right solution for your specific raw materials and special local requirements. With our Construction Additives and Formulation Know-How for Construction Materials, we especially support you in Flowable Systems, Non-sag Applications, Refractory and Prefabricated Materials.

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Flowable Systems

  • Self-levelling underlayments
  • Cementitious and calcium sulphate-based screeds
  • Non-shrink grouts
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Non-sag Applications

  • Cement-based ceramic tile adhesives
  • Exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS/ETICS)
  • Plasters, renders & skim coats
  • Structural Concrete Repair

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Prefabricated Materials

  • Gypsum Wallboard

  • Cement (fibre-)boards

  • Gypsum (fibre-) boards

  • Joint Compounds, Setting and drying

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Refractory Materials

  • LCC: Low Cement Castables 

  • ULCC: Ultra Low Cement Castables 

  • NCC: Non Cement Castables 

  • Microsilica Containing Castables

Creating chemistry for more

sustainable construction materials

To drive sustainable development, we reviewed our entire portfolio under sustainability aspects by using the standardized "Sustainable Solution Steering Method". Looking at economic, environmental and social needs, we have identified key issues along the entire value chain for the Construction Material segment. On this basis, we are able to assess the sustainability contribution of each product in its specific application. 


Construction Additives Portfolio

Rheology Control Additives
Water Swellable Polymers

PCE dispersants


selective PCE dispersants

Melflux® Select

MFS dispersants


multifunctional additives


starch ethers

Starvis® SE


Starvis® T    







water-swellable polymers

Starvis® S    

water-swellable rheology compounds

Starvis® RS

Air Control Additives
Hydration Control Additives

air entrainers

Vinapor® AE

workability / wetting additives

Vinapor® WA


Vinapor® DF

foaming agents

Vinapor® GYP

seeding accelerators

HyCon® S


HyCon® A


HyCon® R