Dispersions & Resins

Mastic Construction Materials

BASF offers Raw Materials and Formulation Know-How for Mastic Construction Materials. To achieve groundbreaking formulations providing outstanding workability and physical properties, your system needs advanced raw materials. 

The properties of construction materials such as dry mortars or mastic systems are influenced by the quality of local raw materials. Therefore, interactions between organic and inorganic binders, fillers and a range of chemical additives need to be controlled to ensure the best performance of the system.


BASF dispersions and additives in combination with our formulation know-how are the ideal basis for primers and bonding aids. Important functions like adhesion promotion, moisture or water vapour barrier, resistance to efflorescence or strengthening of chalky surfaces and dust binding are provided on all relevant substrates like cement, gypsum, tiles, and others.

BASF raw materials enable sustainable formulations with high application security and are the key to every professional system set-up.


Flexible flat roof coatings

New generations of BASF raw materials provide advanced flexible flat roof coating properties together with all benefits of acrylic technology. Heat reflection, low temperature flexibility, ease of application, durability, and cost effectiveness are only a few of them. Together with other solutions in heat management systems, flat roof coatings contribute to market requirements for sustainable construction.

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Mastic Ceramic Tile Adhesives

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BASF offers a clear positioned portfolio for the mastic ceramic tile adhesive market, including standard and and water proof versions. Our mastic CTA formulations are mainly for walls in dry and wet rooms. The recommendation is for indoor application only.  As mastic CTA's are ready to use and completely dust free, they are perfect to use for indoor renovations.

Our Products for ETICS/EIFS!

From mastic to cementitious technologies, BASF offers know-how & products for every layer. From EPS to binders and additives for adhesives, impregnation of glass fiber mesh, base- & topcoat, primers and paints, BASF offers what you need. BASF, your partner for ETICS/EIFS.

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