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Nonwovens - Performance Meets Sustainability

At BASF, we see ourselves as your committed partner dedicated to the development of advanced binders and additives for nonwoven applications. With us, high technical expertise comes together with tailor-made and more sustainable solutions.

The world of applications in which binders and additives for nonwovens are required is as varied as the world we live in: from the automotive industry to the construction industry; from glass fibers to natural fibers. Understanding our different customers' expectations and the challenges posed by each industry is one of our strengths. Explore our broad product portfolio.

BASF Solutions

Automotive_fiber bonding.JPG

In BASF you have a dedicated partner in your value chain to meet the increasing demands of the globalized automotive industry.

Your Benefits

Lightweight components

  • Our new Acrodur® grades enable cost-efficient sustainable lightweight components based on fiber (e.g. natural fiber) composites. This contributes to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

Improved cost efficiency

  • Our solutions help you optimize your system and process costs, for instance by reducing the number of steps needed in the manufacturing process.


Low emissions

  • BASF has developed low-emission binders with minimized volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In particular, no formaldehyde or phenol is emitted during processing or from the final product.

Furniture_fiber bonding.JPG

As an established partner for furniture manufacturers and suppliers, we support you with innovative solutions in the production of furniture and many other interior applications.

Your Benefits

Greater design opportunities

  • Our binders shape natural fiber composites and allow to manufacture three-dimensional objects in an industrial production process. The resulting composites can be finished in various ways, giving surfaces a natural and high-quality design.

Low emissions

  • Creating health-compatible living spaces that promote well-being is essential for furniture. With our low-emission binders your products can contribute to better living comfort. They minimize emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – both during processing and in the final product.

Lightweight Furniture

  • Lightweight furniture saves resources in manufacturing and reduces transportation costs. No wonder lightweight furniture is becoming popular. Our binders enable the production of innovative components for this future-oriented sector.

Contruction_fiber bonding.JPG

For more than 50 years, we at BASF have been supporting you in manufacturing advanced construction materials for indoor and outdoor applications in accordance with global market needs.

Your Benefits

More durable materials

  • Challenging environmental conditions such as heat, frost, humidity and noise require innovative solutions. We support you to meet these challenges with binders providing high mechanical stability and durability for your products.

Improved indoor air quality

  • Consumers are looking for safe and health-compatible building materials that contribute to quality of live. With our low-emission binders we enable the production of construction materials that improve indoor air quality.

Our Brands for Your Success

We offer high-quality binders for a wide range of nonwoven applications. Based on different technologies, they are tailored to our customers' needs. In combination with our additives, they further improve the capability of your formulations.