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Acrodur®– Ecotechnology by BASF

Our water-based Acrodur® products are innovative, low-emission alternatives to conventional formaldehyde-based resins such as phenol, melamine or urea resins.

Under its Acrodur® brand, BASF offers innovative binders to reinforce natural, glass and synthetic fibers as well as cork and other particles. The purely water-based products from the Acrodur® family are a low-emission alternative to traditional formaldehyde-based urea, melamine or phenolic resins. Due to its outstanding binding properties Acrodur® enables to produce high-quality products for the automotive, furniture and construction industry.

Benefits of Acrodur®

Excellent profile of properties

  • Outstanding binder properties
  • High thermomechanical stability
  • Very good compatibility with flame retardants, pigments and fillers
  • Suitable for natural, glass and synthetic fibers as well as for particle bonding

Helps to promote sustainability

  • Water-based alternative to conventional formaldehyde - based resins
  • Minimized emissions during processing as well as in the final product
  • Enables a high percentage of natural fibers in lightweight components

Wide processing options

  • Suitable for foulard, curtain-coating and blow-line impregnation as well as for spray application
  • Usable in established thermoplastic and thermoset shaping process