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Dispex® - the high efficiency dispersing agent

We offer rheology modifiers (Rheovis®) defoamers (Foamaster®, FoamStar®) ,wetting agents (Hydropalat®) and dispersants (Dispex®) for a broad range of nonwoven applications.

Dispex® is an incredibly efficient polyacrylate dispersant which is used to disperse inorganic materials that are found in waterborne automotive and decorative paints, adhesives and construction materials. 

Benefits of Dispex®

Where Dispex® dispersants are used

  • Dispex® acrylic chemistry dispersants that use an ionic repulsion mechanism to disperse the inorganic minerals that are typically used in waterborne paints, coating systems, adhesives and construction materials - minerals such as calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide and talc.


What makes Dispex® unique

  • Dispex® polyacrylate dispersants are exceptionally efficient additives. Efficiency that delivers such a thinning effect that the lowest possible viscosity mill-base is achieved, this means that an even higher solids mill-base is possible, thus delivering a better grind, hence, higher opacity paints and coatings.

Peak performance delivered by Dispex® dispersants

  • Dispex® polyacrylic dispersants, whether as pure polyacrylic acid (PAA) or modified with alkylacrylates to deliver higher gloss or water-resistance (hydrophobicity), offer the highest dispersion efficiency i.e. the lowest dosage for the highest solids loading, which in turn enables the best grinding to deliver the best opacity.