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Rheovis® - the trusted name for rheology modification

We offer rheology modifiers (Rheovis®) defoamers (Foamaster®, FoamStar®) wetting agents (Hydropalat®) and dispersants (Dispex®) for a broad range of nonwoven applications.

Rheovis® hydrophobically modified acrylic alkali swellable emulsion –HASE– technology, delivers excellence in associative or ‘Newtonian’ rheology control for waterborne automotive and decorative paints, adhesives and construction materials.

Benefits of Rheovis®

Where Rheovis® rheology modifiers are used

  • Rheovis® rheology modifiers are used to modify and enhance rheology profiles in waterborne coating systems. Often called associative rheology modifiers, they enable near Newtonian rheology to highly shear thinning rheology and all positions in-between. Optimum rheology control delivers the optimum flow and leveling whilst retaining the non-drip characteristics your paint or coating requires.


The Rheovis® rheology solution

  • Rheovis® not only delivers rheology control in the highly flexible form of acrylic HASE chemistry, it becomes a high-value solution because it delivers its performance in an exceptionally efficient manner. The minimum of Rheovis® is required to deliver maximum of performance to your paint or coating.


Taking control of your rheology profil with Rheovis®

  • Rheovis® is the enabler of workable rheology: high viscosity to avoid settlement, yet with sufficiently shear-thinning rheology profiles so that your paints and coatings are still pump-able, stir-able and spray-able. With the right viscosity at the right time, Rheovis® ensures that your coatings deliver their best leveling, gloss and, hence, their best performance.