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Saduren® - versatile water-based Melamine-Formaldehyde resins

Saduren® is an established co-binder to enhance the mechanical performance levels of formulations based on BASF’s Acronal® or Styrofan® dispersions.

The Saduren® grades are perfect for water based formulations, pure or with other BASF binders. BASF offers melamine-formaldehyde resin for a broad application field. You can improve performance, modify certain properties by using or adding Saduren® grade to your formulation in the nonwoven industry.

Benefits of Saduren®

High quality, versatile applications

  • You can use Saduren® as binder or co-binder for different nonwovens or particles. Our resin gives excellent properties to e.g. PET- and glass-nonwovens and shows good processability and shelf live.

Water-based, well mixable, perfectly modifiable

  • Saduren® is a water based resin. It is mixable with selective BASF dispersions and additives to adjust specific properties. Saduren® and Saduren® formulations can be processed with all state of the art application techniques like (foam) impregnation, coating or spraying.

Saduren® as binder and Co-binder

  • According to your desired end product and quality, you have to choose the right resin type that levels performance, reactivity and shelf life in a proper manner. Saduren® improves mechanical properties and dimension stability. Product performance under heat impact is significantly improved by Saduren®.