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Styrofan® - water-based styrene butadiene dispersions

Styrofan® dispersions are an essential component of high-performance nonwovens and your option for cost-efficient and advanced binder technology.

Styrofan® dispersions are used in the construction industry for fiber bonding applications, cementitious as well as ready to use construction material and for adhesives.

Benefits of Styrofan®

Where Styrofan® is used

  • The BASF Styrofan® range addresses specific application needs in fiber bonding applications such as saturants in abrasives or as binder for various polyester nonwovens for technical or hygiene applications. 


  • BASF Styrofan® improves the properties of cementitious applications like screeds and mortar and acts as binder in wet room coatings.

Why you should use Styrofan®

  • High quality, versatile applications. BASF offers a broad range of Styrofan®  grades. The dispersions are used in the construction industry for protective coating or as binder for industrial nonwovens. Special Styrofan® grades were used in the abrasive industry for backing treatment. 
  • Styrofan® dispersions increase flexibility and adhesion in cementitious applications and exhibit damp and waterproofing to paste-like materials.

Excellent quality, easy processing

  • Styrofan® is a water based styrene butadiene dispersion. BASF offers different product grades with specific properties. Styrofan® gives e.g. elasticity, water and solvent resistance. Our binders make nonwovens more resistant and durable. They offer excellent processability and by adding specific BASF additives you can easily further adjust viscosity, foamability or wetting properties according to you needs.

Styrofan® dispersion technology

  • Styrofan® styrene butadiene dispersions are a essential component of high performance products for construction industry, nonwoven products and adhesives. Styrofan® dispersions are your route to the cost-efficient delivery of advanced binder technology.