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to make your formulations easier than ever

BASF's Lab Assistant for Architectural Coatings and the Construction Industry

The easy to use tool for Architectural Coatings and Construction Industry

BASF’s Lab Assistant is your digital formulation helper for Architectural Coatings – now also for the construction industry.  

Cut out the guesswork

Finding exactly the right combination of ingredients for your product is complex and time consuming.

Lab Assistant helps you obtain data and product comparisons quickly and according to your needs. It is comprehensive and easy to use - so find the right ingredients is straightforward.

Individual advice and support

Explore new solutions with Lab Assistant's product and formulation recommendations. Lab Assistant makes it easy for you, quickly finding the best products for your desired application.

If you need more support, Lab Assistant offers direct contact with a team of experts, who will work with you to get the solution you need.

BASF's Lab Assistant. The digital formulation helper to cut out the guesswork.

Save time

When you need answers now, Lab Assistant is there for you. It delivers all relevant data quickly and transparently, giving you all the information you need. The result? Effective and fast formulation. 

Get in-depth insights

Never miss a good opportunity: explore more than 150 products for architectural coatings and 100 for construction industry. Get comparisons and recommendations for your applications, and stay up-to-date on new releases.

Use all our expertise

Make BASF’s dispersions and additives expertise work for you. Lab Assistant gives you access to our comprehensive knowledge base and puts you in touch with our team – so you can always find answers to your questions.

Take a look at the advantages Lab Assistant offers you!


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Make the most of BASF’s Lab Assistant!

Explore BASF's portfolio of dispersions and additives. Optimize your formulations for interior and exterior coatings, construction adhesives, protection for mineral surfaces and more. Access a huge knowledge base and find answers to your crucial questions with the touch of a finger.

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