Dispersions & Resins

Licity® 2668 F


  • Highest flexibility of all grades
  • Very good runnability for high solids coating
  • Thiol free technology, very low migrating substances
Product Solids content [%] Particle size [nm] Tg [°C] Gel [%] Modulus
Licity® 2668 F 50 110 bimodal ~ 15 >95 high

Further Licity® products

Licity® 2680 series

Balanced stress-strain and elasticity

Wide application range (graphite and SiOx containing anodes)

High substrate adhesion

Licity® 2688 X

Highest tensile strength of all grades

Suitable for SiOx containing anodes

Licity® 2678 (NEW)

Polymer containing acrylic acid

Especially suitable for Si-rich and pure Si-anodes

Usable as single binder or in combination with further Licity® grades