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Licity® – the secret ingredient for Li-ion batteries

A precise slot die – the heart of the coating process

One of the challenges in the coating process is to generate a homogeneous film. This homogeneity stands and falls with the precision of the coating head. This is why BASF has constructed and built own slot dies, allowing to apply the film to the copper foil in an exceptionally precise manner.

Licity_slot die.png

Deep BASF knowhow enabling perfect equipment

"The centerpiece in our coating process is a curious block of solid metal - our slot die", explains Christian Brand, Senior Technical Manager Licity® at BASF.

"This customized slot die is a good example of BASF’s deep and profound knowhow. It has been developed and built by BASF engineers. It enables a very precise coating process, resulting in constant coat weight from the beginning to the end of the production run", explains Fatih Çetinel, Research Engineer Coating and Film Processing.

Are you looking for more information about Licity® or our development and testing capabilities? Please get in touch with our expert Christian Brand.

Christian Brand
Christian Brand
Senior Technical Manager Licity®

“Licity® binders are an easy way for battery manufacturers to boost their cell performance. But there is more: Licity® is additionally the promise to support our customers along the complete production process from raw materials to cell testing.”

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