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A future built upon electric mobility

Strong and capable Lithium-ion batteries pave the way for a future less dependent on fossil energy. A future built upon electric mobility. In order to make that vision a reality we are working on battery technologies that improve key performance factors in Li-ion batteries such as charge capacity and low temperature behavior.




Higher capacity at low temperatures

What is one of the most performance hindering factors in Lithium-ion batteries? If you ask us, it is capacity – especially at low temperatures and under constant use. That is why we are introducing Licity®: a new kind of battery binder solution that boosts battery performance across the board.




Performance and sustainability?

Battery parts that help you to combine performance and sustainability? Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save CO2? Check all those boxes with our new battery binder solutions.




Building the future of electric mobility – upon decades of dispersions-knowhow.



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From material synthesis to cell testing

Developing and producing batteries is far from easy. We assist you with our in-house testing capabilities (and our promising new binder technology). Let’s discuss how we can support you!

How Licity® anode binder materials can help to boost your battery business

You design batteries that fit their use case and your customers perfectly? Why not boost their performance even further? 

If you are looking for anode binders that offer high colloidal stability, great compatibility with co-binders as well as very good processability and coating behavior check out Licity®.


What makes a great anode binder solution?

High Colloidal Stability. Check! 

Superb compatibility with co-binders (like CMC). Check!

Very good processability and coating behavior. Check!

But we know that not every battery is made equal. Which is why we developed a new kind of anode binder that can be easily customized to meet a host of requirements.