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Our Supply Chain Customer Collaboration Project is nominated for German Innovation Award 2021

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with our partners, we are in the race for the German Innovation Award 2021 in the category End2End Supply Chain Project in the Chemical Industry. 

In our pilot project, smart IBCs have provided us and our partners with additional visibility into the value chain from the point of dispatch of the material at our site up to the consumption at our customer.

The award winners will be announced in May 2021 and hopefully we’ll have good news to share. So keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.

A big thank you to our partners: Hesse Lignal and Packwise.

Find out more about the German Innovation Award here.

BASF_German Innovation Award Nominee 2021.png

Markus Hofmann
Markus Hofmann
Sr. Team Lead Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence
Frank Hildebrandt
Frank Hildebrandt
Global Supply Chain Excellence
Last Update 25 March 2021