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Efka® FA 4611

Students of Shri Venkataramana Higher Primary School, Kulai (Mangalore) perform test to track solid impurities in well water drawn from the school premises. The activity is part of BASF’s ongoing Water Education Project in the school in partnership with UN-HABITAT and TERI.
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Schüler der Shri Venkataramana Higher Primary School in Kulai (Mangalore) führen einen Test auf Verunreinigungen durch Feststoffe durch. Das getestete Brunnenwasser wurde dem Brunnen auf dem Schulgelände entnommen. Diese Tätigkeit findet im Rahmen des aktuellen „Wasser-Erziehungs-Projekts“ statt, das BASF in der Schule zusammen mit UN-HABITAT und TERI betreibt.
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Down with VOCs, up with flexibility!

Solvent-based pigment concentrates tend to have a rather high VOC content. Here’s where our new dispersing agent and grinding resin can help. With Efka® FA 4611 and Laropal® A-8L a formulator can not only lower VOC to a minimum, but also improve rheology and substantially reduce mill-base viscosity. And they are very versatile: thanks to their outstanding properties, you benefit from greater formulation freedom, increased flexibility in raw material selection and higher color diversity.

Liquid yet solvent-free Efka® FA 4611 can be used in high-solid, solvent-based and 100% solvent-free formulations. Especially suitable for titanium dioxide, it efficiently wets and stabilizes inorganic pigments as well as fillers, resulting in improved storage stability and higher pigment and filler loads.

Applications for this widely compatible, progressive dispersant include solvent-based and solvent-free industrial and OEM/refinish coatings, wood coatings, printing & packaging formulations and composites. 

Lars Hoffmann
Lars Hoffmann
Regional Technical Marketing Formulation Additives