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Joncryl® OH 8300

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Switching to water-based glass coatings

In recent years, water-based coatings have gained in popularity among professionals and consumers alike as they offer a high-quality, environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based products. By replacing solvents with water as a liquefying agent, these eco-friendly coatings are low odor, easy cleaning and have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

After extensive research among customers in the glass coatings market, we’ve now successfully developed a breakthrough solution for this market: Joncryl® OH 8300.

This dispersion responds to previously unmet needs in the sector, offering a water-based solution with excellent water resistance and protection against corrosion.

Designed for interior or exterior coatings, it is ideally suited to direct-to-metal (DTM), metal topcoats and glass coatings applications, and offers a good alternative to water-reducible and solvent-based alkyd-melamine systems. Low on foaming, with excellent pigment dispersing properties and good outdoor durability, Joncryl® 8300 provides excellent application properties, particularly with spray and roller coat.  

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Martijn Fossen
Martijn Fossen
Senior Commercial Marketing Manager Resins & Additives for Automotive & Industrial Coatings