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Laromer® PO 9137 & Laromer® PO 9139

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How to tackle the growing demand for high reactive UV resins for LED curable wood coatings

In recent years, there’s been a growing demand from consumers and manufacturers for environmentally friendly solutions that don’t compromise on quality. Customers are asking for increased productivity and excellent performance.

Coatings based on highly reactive UV acrylates meet this demand, achieving These qualities are particularly important to the furniture and flooring industry – here there’s a specific demand to protect the surface against stains and abrasion and maintain the natural finish of wood, making it one of the main application areas for UV coatings.

To respond to this demand, we’ve expanded our line of Laromer® UV/EB acrylates, with the introduction of two highly reactive UV resins – Laromer® PO 9137 and Laromer® PO 9139. Both products offer high UV curing performance, extreme fast cure speeds under both mercury lamps and LED curing conditions, and good levels of resistance against everyday challenges such as coffee and red wine. Both Products can be used as sole resin with good film forming properties or in combination with other UV Resins in a formulation. While Laromer® PO 9139 offers outstanding reactivity at high viscosity, Laromer® PO 9137 provides a low viscosity solution for requirements where high reactivity of a formulation is key.

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Learn more about Laromer® PO 9139

Daniel Kunz
Dr. Daniel Kunz
Commercial Marketing EMEA - Resins & Additives for Furniture & Flooring