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2K PU coatings


New formulations for environmentally improved 2K PU coatings

Can you enhance the performance as well as the sustainability of clear coats and pigmented top coats?

Yes, you can!

It’s all a question of the right formulation. We have developed two technologies based on different raw materials with synergistic effects and can provide you with guide recipes suitable for your type of coating.
For environmental and workplace protection in the production of 2K PU coatings, low-to-medium-solid solvent-borne systems can be substituted by high-solid solvent-borne systems. High solid content can be achieved by lowering the molecular weight of polyols and/or the glass transition temperature. To exploit the full potential of these systems, a solution is needed to counteract a possible drop in curing speed and in reduced hardness and resistance of the cured film.

Basonol® HPE co-binders improve curing speed and lacquer performance in systems based on low-molecular-weight polyacrylates and polyisocyanates.
Basonol HPE 1170 B is an OH functional hyperbranched polyester cobinder that enhances performance in 2K PUR. Its numerous benefits include easy handling, fast curing speed, sandability, early block resistance, prolonged pot life, improved final hardness, reflow behavior, chemical resistance, excellent weather resistance and minimal impact on VOC.

Sovermol® natural-oil-based, solvent-free binders are designed to help you comply with environmental legislation while meeting even the toughest production regulations.
Sovermol 780 is a polyol based on natural oil with excellent light stability and weathering resistance. It is distinguished by excellent chemical resistance, good hydrophobicity, similar hardness to that achieved with epoxy systems, a high content of renewable raw materials, excellent hydrolysis stability, a high glass transition temperature. Surface defects under critical conditions are minimized thanks to the product’s hydrophobic performance.

In combination, Basonol HPE 1170 B and Sovermol 780 reduce VOC in 2K PU ultra-high-solid (UHS) systems. Additionally, Sovermol increases the renewable content of the final system. A further benefit is the superior spray performance with airless equipment as compared with other 2K UHS systems.
Applications include refinish and industrial clear coats, pigmented top coats with high gloss or matt appearance, transportation coatings, used for example in the agricultural, construction and earth-moving equipment (ACE) sector.
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Thomas Blaschko
Thomas Blaschko
Commercial Marketing Resins and Additives for Automotive and Industrial