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FoamStar® SI 2299


Let’s overcome today's limits in water-based spray applications!

Looking for a highly efficient deaerator and defoamer for aqueous spray applications? FoamStar® SI 2299 combines high efficiency with excellent compatibility.

This new, organomodified silicone-based deaerator and defoamer prevents macro-foam and effectively removes micro -foam. FoamStar® SI 2299 is especially designed for water-based spray coatings, e.g. wood coatings or heavy duty anti-corrosion formulations providing exceptional deaeration capabilities to avoid defects and to guarantee optimal anti-corrosion properties after the spraying process. By offering the freedom to post-adjust the formulation, it improves the quality of coatings while reducing production complexity.

Sascha Oestreich
Dr. Sascha Oestreich
Head of Regional Technical Marketing Formulation Additives