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Complexity is history with our Laropal® product range

What if raw material suppliers stop production of grinding resins or have capacity issues? Why bother with different recipes for your pigment preparations? Let Laropal® do the job for you!


Time is money, but expertise is key, especially when it comes to colours and their preparations. Have you been informed by your supplier that some product lines will be discontinued? Like in the case of the ketone-based grinding resin Tego® VariPlus TC, you can easily switch to our Laropal® A 81. Go for your own lean pigment preparation by using our Optimix® approach - one grinding resin, dedicated dispersing agents and any pigment you can think of.

With Laropal® A 81 as the universal grinding resin you experience the following benefits:

  • Excellent pigment wetting and dispersing properties
  • Excellent color strength development
  • No yellowing
  • Broad compatibility with commonly used binder systems such as polyurethanes, epoxies, alkyds, polyester, melamines etc.
  • Security of supply

The resulting pigment concentrates have good processing rheology. By mixing the pigment preparations you achieve any color shade you want without worrying about incompatibilities.

You want to get the most out of your production time? Try our Laropal® A-8L, our grinding resin solution in MPA. It is easy to handle and will safe precious storage space in your warehouse. Pigment preparations using Laropal® A-8L show the same superior performance as those ones with Laropal® A 81 and even lower VOCs or higher pigment loadings are possible.

Reduce complexity in your warehouse and in your processes, go for our Laropal® product range! 

Give it a try!

Martijn Fossen
Martijn Fossen
Senior Commercial Marketing Manager Resins & Additives for Automotive & Industrial Coatings