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New focus on straight acrylic dispersions for high quality furniture coatings

Are you in search of coatings for quality wooden furniture or flooring that are both very resistant and also have an excellent grain enhancement, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood?


We started to develop a new straight acrylic dispersion platform for medium and high-quality furniture coatings. With our new Joncryls® 953x we provide multi-purpose, fine particle sized, self-crosslinking, straight acrylic dispersions for furniture primers and topcoats as well as parquet flooring with an excellent chemical resistance. They combine high performance with high wet transparency, achieving the same standard and appeal as solvent-based products.

Joncyl® 953x dispersions withstand scratching and chemicals. Joncryl® 9530, for example, is especially resistant to hand creams and Joncryl® 9531 convinces with a low solvent demand. This also picks up the new trend to formulate low VOC coatings.

Both products are characterized by excellent matting efficiency and formulation stability.

In the next few months we will be supplementing our portfolio with more new products designed to help you address unmet market needs.

Look out for our new co-binder that helps to prolong product life by significantly improving hardness and for our high-value engineered formulations that increase line speeds!

Stay tuned!

Rüdiger Reingruber
Dr. Rüdiger Reingruber
Senior Commercial Marketing EMEA