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A star amongst leveling agents: Efka® SL 3230 new universal, high-performance, cost-effective slip and leveling agent


Are you looking for a high-gloss leveling agent that combines excellent slip with excellent price performance ratio? New Efka® SL 3230 could be the product you’re looking for!

This high-performance cost-effective additive is suitable for all types of solvent-based and solvent-free coatings.

Based on polyether siloxane, Efka® SL 3230 has been especially designed for high-end wood and industrial coatings. A further potential application is printing inks.

Efka® SL 3230 markedly decreases surface tension in UV systems, resulting in enhanced gloss. It also improves surface slip, thereby reducing COF (coefficient of friction). Thanks to its excellent compatibility, Efka® SL 3230 can be used in clear coats as well as in high-gloss systems. Customers have confirmed its excellent performance in both.

Sascha Oestreich
Dr. Sascha Oestreich
Head of Regional Technical Marketing Formulation Additives