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What is power without control?

Bernd Hoevel
Dr. Bernd Hoevel
Technical Sales Additives EMEA

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HM-PSA) formulations are difficult to stabilize. Normally, the adhesive will quickly degrade when exposed to heat. Not only does this happen during production, but also during the finished product’s service life. Not what manufacturers need – so how can they address this and harness the power of HM-PSAs?


Irgastab Plus 5170 MG is – alongside Irganox 1726 – the first stabilizer specifically for hot melt adhesives that can reduce aging during processing.

With Irgastab Plus 5170 MG, adhesives are shown to retain peel and shear strength over a longer processing time – and to exhibit better color stabilization.

It gives adhesive manufacturers the peace of mind that their hot melt formulation will have robust adhesive strength during the entire manufacturing process.


New form, new benefits

Irgastab Plus 5170 MG not only offers superior performance, it’s also available in an innovative new form, known as micro-granulate.

Consisting of spheric particles with a diameter of 0.5-2mm, micro-granulate is designed to combine the benefits of a granulate form with the fine distribution of a powder. It offers excellent flowability and is easy to dose precisely, with excellent dust reduction during application.

With excellent dissolvability, micro-granulates deliver exceptionally low stirring times in a polymer melt. What’s more, they are storage-stable, supporting storage times of up to one year on a standard pallet.

When used in hot melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives, this innovative form offers time savings of up to 90%, safe handling, less downtime and cleaning, and cost-efficient storage.