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Isocyanates: How we’re helping increase safety standards

Martijn Fossen
Martijn Fossen
Senior Commercial Marketing Manager Resins & Additives for Automotive & Industrial Coatings

Any industrial user of isocyanates will know that new regulations on their use are coming into force. By 24 August 2023, all workers will have to complete training before handling any product containing diisocyanates in concentrations of 0.1% or higher. 

This move will promote operator safety – something that could hardly be more important. To make the transition as easy as possible, we at BASF started adapting our portfolio early on, and we are now implementing further initiatives to support our customers.

  • Since 2019, we adjusted our range of aliphatic polyisocyanate products to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. Most of these now have less than 0.1% diisocyanate concentration – meaning the new requirements do not apply to these products, and their use can safely continue in the same way. 
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  • For the exceptional cases where it is not possible to reduce the concentration of diisocyanate (mainly Biuret compounds and some isocyanurate and HDI-based waterborne coatings), BASF has contributed to the creation of an online training platform through ISOPA, ALIPA, and several other polyurethane-related associations. An assessment tool on the platform will help you to easily select the right training material for your specific applications. The training must be repeated every 5 years. Click the link to access the traininghttp://www.safeusediisocyanates.eu/

We are committed to ensuring the safety of every operator, and to making it as easy as possible for our customers to successfully continue their operations while meeting or exceeding regulatory standards. And we will keep improving our portfolio to realize even more gains in safety and sustainability.