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Join us on November 4 for our first web seminar…

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Jan van Delft
Jan van Delft
Commercial Marketing Printing & Packaging

… and find out how to reduce your carbon footprint with Joncryl® Biomass Balance.


At times when travel has become difficult and face-to-face meetings are not always possible, we want to keep in touch with you and provide opportunities for discussion, questions and answers.

In this web seminar, Jan van Delft from our Resins for Printing & Packaging team will explain how you can meet the demand for more sustainable packaging. Using renewable raw materials will already go a long way towards that goal, and these can be integrated in different ways. You will learn more about how the Biomass Balance Approach works and how our Joncryl® Biomass Balance resins for inks and coatings can reduce non-renewable resource use by up to 100%. Jan will also look into our bio-based products, which, like our Biomass Balance solutions, can substantially reduce your carbon footprint.

We look forward to welcoming you at this online session.