Architectural Coatings

Exterior Coatings & Masonry Primers

Turning a good product into an excellent one

Aqueous exterior wall or facade paints decorate and protect urban spaces. Given their size and visibility, facades require coatings that provide resistance against the elements, and long-term aesthetic durability. At BASF, we are aware of the hot topics for exterior decorative coatings. We see ourselves as your commited partner to support you with exactly the right solution for your needs.

Our comprehensive portfolio for exterior decorative coatings ranges from polymer dispersions, additives such as defoamers, rheology modifiers and pigment dispersing agents, to the broadest offering in organic and inorganic pigments and pigment preparations and functional extenders such as calcinated clays. Understanding the interactions between these building blocks and drawing the right conlusions makes all the difference for giving you a competitive edge