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Automotive & Transportation

BASF adds value to all areas of the automotive and transportation coatings industry. Our product portfolio includes a full range of specialized resins, formulation and functional additives for enhanced coating performance. 

Creating more durable surfaces is one thing. Keeping pace with designers’ wishes, changing legislation, and increasing environmental standards is another. As the world’s leading supplier of resins and additives, we help you achieve both goals.

A comprehensive product range from a single source

We provide the raw materials, product range, industry experience, and technical knowledge to help enhance the quality, appearance, heat management, and durability of all exterior and interior OEM and refinish coatings – from cars, trucks, and trains to aviation and aerospace applications. For example, BASF polyisocyanates and amino resins increase the functional performance of the coating, while light stabilizers improve the durability of primers, base coats, and clear coats.

Enhancing performance and reducing costs

BASF additives ensure the protection of the aesthetic quality of coatings on all kinds of substrates. Formulation additives such as defoamers, dispersants, rheology modifiers, or slip and leveling agents improve the surface performance of final coatings. And they also help to optimize production processes as well as reducing costs.