Paper & Board Coating in EMEA

Coating Additives

BASF is a premiere provider of rheology coating additives for the paper coating industry.

Cobinders, thickeners and insolubilisers



The Sterocoll® product line from BASF comprises rheology modifiers and water retention additives for use in paper and paperboard applications. Sterocoll® products are synthetic thickeners with varying levels of thickening efficiency, water retention, and rheology designed for your specific coating application method. They are mechanically and shear stable and meet the requirements of most end use applications requiring food contact compliance.


Our Acrosol® cobinders adjust the rheology properties of coating colors and help to optimize the overall coating process.

Basocoll® OV, Urecoll® SMV

Insolubilisers are added to coating colors to increase water resistance and wet rub resistance of paper coating.



Etingal® A, Etingal® S

Etingal® A and Etingal® S remove entrained air from coating colors and prevent coating voids (pinholes), pump cavitation and reduced coating density. They also prevent or eliminate surface foam.