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Pilot Coating Center:

Experience and technical support

Our Pilot Coating Center underlines BASF's commitment to the paper and board industry. Its technical infrastructure allows us to simulate and optimize customer processes ‒ from paper coating to printing.

Our customers and interested third parties can benefit from our excellent experience and technical infrastructure. State-of-the-art equipment, operated by our highly skilled team, facilitates the safe and efficient transfer of technical solutions from lab to paper mill. Under realistic conditions, we test tailor-made concepts together with clients by replicating their production processes for further product optimization. Our Pilot Coating Center enables the efficient transfer of technical solutions, new product developments and optimized recipes while reducing risk and off-spec material. This saves our customers time and money, leading to positive and lasting business relationships.

See the benefits of our Pilot Coating Center

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In our Pilot Coating Center, we can simulate almost all common application methods used by our customers.

Volker Scharffenberger

Head of the Pilot Coating Center, since more than 30 years in the Paper Coating Industry

Industry insights

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The benefits of the Pilot Coating Center

Starting Point

We facilitate the startup of new coating machines geared towards individual requirements and assist in cases of machine modifications. As an example, in the development of new paper and board qualities, we evaluate individual stages of the production process and/or optimize coating recipes.

BASF_Pilot Coating Center_Startingpoint

Solution Finding

Our state-of-the-art pilot coater enables us to simulate the specific process in the mill. This means we can trouble shoot in the areas of processes, coating colors and final paper parameters e.g. printability.

BASF_Pilot Coating Center_Solution Finding

Innovative Optimizer

Realistic simulations in our Pilot Coating Center that come close to industrial scale provide valuable knowledge for the optimized use of coating chemicals. The choice of the right products helps our customers in such feasibility studies to transfer the gathered results into their own processes and minimizes the risk of failure.

BASF_Pilot Coating Center_Optimizations

Click through the Pilot Coater Machine

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