Paper & Board Coating in EMEA

Technical Support & Pilot Coating Center

Our Pilot Coating Center underlines BASF's committment to the paper and board industry. Its technical infrastructure allows us to simulate and optimize customer processes ‒ from paper coating to printing: 

Paper coating laboratory:

Experienced lab technicians and paper-specific test equipment enable us to perform all common tests and evaluations


Pilot coater:

Our state-of-the-art equipment, operated by our highly-skilled team, facilitates the safe and efficient transfer of technical solutions from lab to paper mill.

We are able to test tailor-made concepts together with our customers under realistic condition by replicating their production conditions for further product optimization

Trials can be run at speeds of up to 3,333 m / min

Coating Machine SM2


Close relationships with commercial printing houses give BASF access to all relevant printing methods



Our broad analytical capabilities allow detailed investigation of problems and their causes