Dispersions & Resins

Printing & Packaging

BASF creates chemistry to supply high quality products for printing and packaging. Our resins and additives add value to your formulation. We provide high quality raw materials for printing of food packaging, flexible packaging, corrugated board, paper or paperboard, labels, magazines or catalogs. Helping you to achieve more sustainable packaging is another thing we are experts in.

Our portfolio includes

  • water-based solid resins, resin solutions and emulsions
  • solvent-based polyurethanes and resins
  • energy-curable resins and reactive diluents
  • formulation additives (e.g. defoamers, dispersing agents, surface modifiers) used in printing inks, overprint varnishes and pigment dispersions
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PRETHINK INK: a collaborative network of BASF and industry partners for water-based technology

We are convinced that water-based inks are the future for flexible packaging. Interested in how that works?
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