Dispersions & Resins

Functional Packaging Coatings

We offer a range of water-based binders for formulating functional packaging coatings for substrate enhancement and functionality. The Joncryl® HSL product line offers solutions for heat seal lacquers in various applications, e.g. dairy lidding and pharma blisters. Our water-based emulsions for primers and lacquers are used in aluminium dairy pot lidding applications. 

Product Portfolio

  • Primers for substrate enhancement

    o    Primers for aluminium foil

    o    Primers for paper: premetallization and digital

  • Heat-seal lacquers for paper (board) & film (BOPP) applications (Joncryl® HSL product line)
  • Barrier coatings for paper (board) applications
Pills and Capsules
Opening a yogurt container

Benefits of our water-based solutions include

  • improved recycling through replacement of polyethylene coating
  • non-fluorinated grease-barrier coatings 
  • cost effectiveness compared to solvent-based systems

BASF offers numerous solutions, e.g. from the Joncryl® portfolio

  • Aqueous acrylic binders for the formulation of heat seal lacquers with low to high activation temperatures. These acrylic co-polymer emulsions provide a secure seal and show smooth peeling behavior. Applications range from sealing lacquers for dairy and pharmaceutical packaging to cardboard blister packaging and acrylic coated heatseal BOPP packaging films for confectionary, perfume and tobacco packaging.
  • Pre-metallization primers for vacuum metalized paper substrates used in tobacco packaging and paper labels.
  • Pre-print primers for hard and soft aluminum with excellent heat resistance.
  • Print-primers for aluminum yogurt lidding providing heat and chemical resistance.
  • For all above mentioned systems we offer a numerous additives to further improve the print quality.