Dispersions & Resins

Additives for Automotive Coatings

We create chemistry that helps to improve performance, appearance, durability & efficiency of automotive coatings!

BASF Performance and Formulation Additives is dedicated to the needs of the automotive industry. Our standard-setting additives include highly effective defoamers, wetting & levelling agents, dispersing agents, rheology agents, UV stabilizers & absorbers. With additives that continuously improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption for water-based, solvent-based & high solids automotive formulations & applications. BASF offers additives for E-coats, primers, base coats & clear coats for automotive OEM & refinish coatings.

In close cooperation with OEMs, we have developed solutions that function reliably and consistently in the production process, including solutions for wet-on-wet application. Leading manufacturers rely on us for additives and support in creating automotive OEM and refinish coatings with a competitive edge. We have the knowledge, competence and resources to provide solutions to your automotive & refinish coatings formulations. 

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