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Additives for Composites

We create chemistry to composite the elements to make it lighter & stronger!

Composites materials are clearly established in nearly all significant economic sectors. Innovative developments for new applications, or as substitutes for metallic alloys, are key elements in demanding markets like aerospace, automotive, wind energy, sports, military, building & construction, marine, pipes & consumer goods.

In light of the need for greater sustainability across different industries, BASF Performance and Formulation Additives believes in a bright future for composites. With our chemical engineering expertise and scientific resources, we are in a position to partner with manufacturers in developing tomorrow’s composites. We offer Additives for composite binder systems such as unsaturated polyesters, epoxies, polyurethanes & hybrids which are used in multiple composite applications.

Formulation additives are essential formulation components of composite materials. They are used to optimize the matrix properties and adapt the reinforcements for particular applications. Additives stabilize pigments and fillers to prevent their sedimentation in composite formulations. They also improve the flow, slip and rheology behavior and contribute to proper fiber wetting. Formulation additives are significant raw materials which enhance the quality of the laminate’s finish and extend the product durability of the composite parts.

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