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Additives for Construction

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Structural durability. Reduced energy consumption. Shrinking labor force. These are just a few of the demands facing the construction industry. Jobs must be performed quickly, economically, and with durability in mind - all to meet the needs of the 9 billion people that will be on our planet by 2050. Whether residential or commercial construction, roads, or bridges, there is no structure untouched by these demographic and market demands.

We offer addtives to construction industry segements like water-proofing, mastic construction materials, flooring adhesives & Construction Sealants. The construction industry benefits from recognized BASF brands and quality products. The time-honored Rheovis® range comprises a broad portfolio of synthetic rheology modifiers for aqueous systems, including nonionic associative (HEUR), anionic associative (HASE) and non-associative thickeners (ASE). Many of these highly efficient products are very environmentally friendly, low in VOC, free of APEO and heavy metals, and also with very low odor. Providing a range of standard and highly efficient dispersing agents for aqueous systems, the Dispex® brand portfolio includes polymeric, oligomeric and surfactant-based dispersing agents. Offering an outstanding selection of defoamer technologies for aqueous systems, the familiar Foamaster® and FoamStar® brands include products based on mineral or native oils, as well as specialty-emulsion defoamers and organo-silicone, silicone-free and star-polymer based defoamers. Under the Hydropalat® brand, BASF presents a selection of substrate wetting, flow control and slip control agents for waterbased coatings or adhesives formulations.  The Loxanol® brand stands for film-forming agents for water-based formulations, comprising plasticizers, open-time prolongers and coalescing agents of various technologies.

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