Dispersions & Resins

Additives for Furniture & Flooring Coatings

We create chemistry that makes performance love sustainable solutions!

Formulators serving the furniture, flooring & joinery industry aim to preserve the beauty of coated wood and at the same time, face considerable pressure to manufacture in a resource-efficient, socially responsible, and ecologically reasonable way. 

The interior furniture and flooring wood market is very diverse. It encompasses furniture segments such as assembled contemporary furniture, cabinets and self-assembled flat stock furniture for home or office, antique furniture, furniture foils, wooden auto dashboards, joinery includes window and door frames.

BASF has a broad range of products for both interior and exterior wood coatings. Our portfolio consists of solutions for economic to high-end furniture and for many different kinds of flooring. With our expertise, we help you to improve your coating formulations. Take a look at our solutions below – and ensure your coatings make furniture and flooring that is around us every day more resistant, long-lasting, and sustainable.

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