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Additives for Industrial Coatings

We create chemistry that helps to protect the substrates!

BASF continues to propel the industrial coatings market forward, making coatings more durable, more functional and safer to produce. 

BASF development is based on current focus trends include:

  • Improve performance, durability and protection
  • Efficiency enhancement
  • Sustainable solutions

Because the category of industrial coatings encompasses so many different applications, we are keenly focused on the individual demands of each industry. For BASF, scientific research in specialized industrial coatings is an investment that pays off in win-win partnerships.

Additives for Protective and Maintainance Coatings

Also known as heavy-duty or high-performance coatings, protective and maintenance coatings are applied on steel structures, steel bridges, off-shore oil rigs and equipment, chemical tanks, pipeline, industrial plants, windmill coatings, chemical and petroleum plants and other structures requiring protection against corrosion and/or high resistance to wear and tear. BASF offers wide range of additives with improved compatibility & multifunctionality to meet customer needs.

Additives for Can Coatings

These coatings are applied on the inside of cans to ensure protection i.e. to prevent the metal from reacting with the contents of the can, and on the outside for decorative purposes.

Additives for Coil Coatings

Pre-finish metal coatings, or coil coatings, are applied on continuous metal sheets, strips and coils, which are subsequently sold to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Applications range from household appliances to automobile and electrical components.

Additives for Marine Coatings

With their anti-corrosive or anti-fouling properties, marine coatings are designed for all kinds of vessels, including commercial and cargo ships. Coatings for offshore oil rigs and equipment are described under “Protective and maintenance coatings”.

Additives for ACE, General Industrial Paints & Plastic Coatings

These coatings are applied on agriculture, construction & earth moving equipments. Plastics coatings encompasses coatings for  computer, communication and consumer electronic​s, personal electronics like vacuum cleaner, hair dryer​, helmets. General indusrial coatings are applied on appliances, container coatinngs, small machineries.

Additives for Speciality Coatings

The key application are Floor coating (PU & Epoxy), seed coatings, composites glass coatings, PV coatings, road marking paints etc.

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