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Antioxidants & Optical Brighteners

Oxidation can be a major issue, especially in coatings subject to heat exposure during processing, curing and baking at high temperatures. As in the area of light stabilizers, BASF has played a pioneering role in developing effective primary and secondary antioxidant (AO) technologies, and continues to offer an industryleading portfolio of effective solutions. This diverse range of easy-to-process thermal and oxidative stabilizers for water-based, solvent-based and powder coating systems enables us to address virtually any issue you may encounter in your formulations. 

With our Irganox® and Irgafos® antioxidants, coatings, adhesives and sealants are effectively protected against thermally induced polymer oxidation during production and application as well as in their service life. Special highlights include low-viscosity, easy stir-in solutions like Irganox® 245 DW for water-based systems.

The Irganox® lineup is made up of sterically hindered phenols and thioethers as well as blends of different AO technologies. Our Irgafos® solutions are secondary AO process stabilizers using phosphite chemistry.

Complementing our antioxidant range, we offer the Tinopal® optical brightener solutions for water- and solvent-based systems. These fluorescent whitening agents brighten or mask yellowing and can also be used as a marker where fluorescence is used to detect film voids or for registration and identification purposes.

With labs dedicated to innovation in antioxidants and light stabilizers located at our main headquarters in Germany as well as in Switzerland, we are well equipped to support you in addressing any oxidation issues you face. Whatever type of system you are developing, you can count on us for solutions that safeguard the integrity of your coating during processing and beyond. We can also provide invaluable compliance support, thanks to our deep understanding and close monitoring of regulatory developments.

At BASF Performance and Formulation Additives, you will find experts with in-depth knowledge of your industry. We will work with you to find the ideal antioxidants and optical brigtheners for your formulations and even co-innovate to develop novel solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Solutions for water- and solvent-based applications
  • Improved sustainability (e.g. eco-labeling)
  • Easy stir-in during processing
  • Effective protection from thermally induced oxidation during processing
  • Yellowing prevention during processing
  • Improves stability of adhesives and sealants
  • Prevents loss of mechanical properties
  • Lower coat weight without compromising stability

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