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Dispersing Agents

Our extensive portfolio of dispersing agents contains solutions for water-based, solventbased, high solids, 100% solids systems and universal pigment concentrates. These polymeric, oligomeric and surfactant-based technologies are known for outstanding color development, viscosity reduction, enhanced gloss and stability as well as suitability for low-VOC and APEO-free systems.

Drawing on in-depth knowledge of pigment chemistry, polymerization technology and formulations, our experts will work with you to find the right dispersants to overcome challenges and achieve the properties you want in your coatings.


A prime example of the advanced chemistry behind our dispersants is the award-winning controlled freeradical polymerization (CFRP) technology. It allows the creation of highly efficient and widely compatible block-copolymer dispersants that offer optimal rheology control and improved coloristics.

The Efka® PX and Dispex® Ultra PX ranges comprise our top-line dispersing agents. They are characterized by a defined polymer architecture, which provides high affinity for the pigment surface and robust stabilization against flocculation. These additives help to differentiate formulations with improved properties, such as higher transparency and exceptional jetness development. Also, improved value in use of high-performance pigments can be achieved by enhancing color strength. 

Our latest developments have focused on advancing water-based formulations with products like Dispex® Ultra PX 4290 and Dispex® Ultra CX 4452. Improved durability or reduced total cost of formulation can be achieved by using our hydrophobic dispersants Dispex® CX 4248 and Dispex® CX 4348. For solvent-based applications Efka® PX 4787 provides optimal milling efficiency, which can support in reducing energy consumption.

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Talk to your partners at BASF Performance and Formulation Additives for support in formulating and developing coatings – they can give you guide formulas for all dispersing additives in conjunction with a variety of pigments.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent compatibility with a broad range of resin systems
  • Highest performance with all kind of pigment classes
  • Improved sustainability
  • Shorter dispersion time
  • Reduced mill base viscosity
  • Prevention of pigment settling, flooding and floating
  • Increased color strength and hiding power
  • Highest transparency and jetness
  • Enhanced gloss

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