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Our portfolio of dispersing agents for coatings and ink formulations contains solutions for aqueous, solvent-based, high solids, 100% solids systems and universal pigment concentrates. These polymeric, oligomeric and surfactant-based technologies are known for outstanding color development, viscosity reduction, enhanced gloss and stability as well as suitability for low-VOC and APEO-free systems.

Drawing on in-depth knowledge of pigment chemistry, surface treatments and formulations, our experts will work with you to find precisely the right dispersants to overcome challenges and achieve the properties you want in your coatings.
A prime example of the advanced chemistry behind our dispersants is the award-winning controlled free-radical polymerization (CFRP) technology. It allows the creation of highly efficient and widely compatible block-copolymer dispersants that offer optimal rheology and improved coloristics.

Efka® PX is highly effective in solvent-based systems, while Dispex® Ultra PX is ideal for aqueous applications. Both polymers are characterized by a highly defined architecture, improved colorant stability and broad versatility.

Your universal dispersing agents toolbox
For coatings that have to comply with major ecolabel standards, we have developed a unique dispersant formulation toolbox. This set of dispersants enables you to formulate hazard label-free universal colorants, which are used to tint both aqueous and solvent-based architectural paints.

BASF dispersing agents product range for water-based systems           BASF dispersing agents product range for solvent-based systems (including 100% systems)

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Talk to your partners at BASF Performance and Formulation Additives for support in formulating and developing coatings – they can give you guide formulas for all dispersing additives in conjunction with a variety of pigments.

Performance Highlights 

  • Dispersing Agents for full range of coatings and ink formulations
  • Highly efficient solutions for aqueous, solvent-based, high solids or 100% solids systems and universal pigment concentrates 
  • Broad techonology portfolio including polymeric, oligomeric and surfactant-based dispersing agents
  • Award-winning Controlled Free Radical Polymerization (CFRP) technology enables higher efficiency and broader compatibility which creates optimal rheology and improved coloristcs
  • Benefits including outstanding viscosity reduction, increased color intensity and hiding power, enhanced gloss, low VOC, APEO-free and improved freeze-thaw stability

Sustainabilty Highlights

  • VOC-free in accordance with EU 2004/42 and US-EPA Method 24
  • Does not contain mineral oils
  • Best-in-class with ultra low SVOC
  • Free of colours
  • Environmentally sound polymer technology
  • Designed to be used in paints with pro-environmental labelling (Blue Angel, Ecolabel, German TÜV)

Practical Guides for BASF Dispersing Agents

Last Update June 7, 2021