Dispersions & Resins

Film-forming Agents

BASF offers film-forming agents including coalescents, open-time prolongers and plasticizers. Our portfolio focuses on highperformance and sustainable products with renewable content that are non-phthalate and have lowest-possible VOC emissions in systems ranging from paints to plasters and sealants. 

Our coalescing agents and plasticizers deliver high performance coupled with extremely low VOC content. We also provide a complete range of opentime prolongers based on renewable raw materials. Different chemical compounds and functional groups enable you to fine-tune your formulations for specific properties, including low film-forming temperatures, increased plasticization, reduced brittleness and improved adhesion.

In addition, we offer a range of products with specific properties, like conductivity improvement, improvement of adhesion, early rain resistance etc.

Film forming agents_Chemistry.png

At BASF Performance and Formulation Additives, you will find experts in your specific needs who are glad to support you in finding the right film-forming agents for your formulations.

Key Benefits

  • Solutions for water-based and non-aqueous formulations
  • Improved sustainability (e.g. renewables, low VOC, low odor)
  • Food-contact compliance
  • Broad country registration
  • Broad country registration
  • Improved workability
  • Conductivity improvement

Additional Information