Dispersions & Resins

Film-forming Agents

BASF offers film-forming agents including coalescents, open-time prolongers and plasticizers. Our portfolio focuses on highperformance and sustainable products with renewable content that are non-phthalate and have lowest-possible VOC emissions in systems ranging from paints to plasters and sealants. 

Our coalescing agents and plasticizers deliver high performance coupled with extremely low VOC content. We also provide a complete range of opentime prolongers based on renewable raw materials. Different chemical compounds and functional groups enable you to fine-tune your formulations for specific properties, including low film-forming temperatures, increased plasticization, reduced brittleness and improved adhesion.

In addition, we offer a range of products with specific properties, like conductivity improvement, improvement of adhesion, early rain resistance etc.

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Performance Highlights 

  • High-performance coalescents and plasticizers with focus on low VOC
  • Complete range of open-time prolongers based on renewable raw materials

At BASF Performance and Formulation Additives, you will find experts in your specific needs who are glad to support you in finding the right film-forming agents for your formulations.

Sustainabilty Highlights

  • VOC-free in accordance with EU 2004/42 and US-EPA Method 24
  • Does not contain mineral oils
  • Best-in-class with ultra-low SVOC
  • Free of colors
  • Environmentally sound polymer technology
  • Designed to be used in paints with pro-environmental labelling (Blue Angel, Ecolabel, German TÜV)