Dispersions & Resins

Tinuvin® 5070

TINUVIN 5070 is a UVA/HALS blend designed to meet the high performance and durability requirements of candle wax compositions and sealant applications where other products fail due to basicity and/or compatibility. TINUVIN 5070 provides a low viscosity product which improves ease of use, enhanced thermal stability and reduced color. Concerning candle applications, TINUVIN 5070 can be used either in the fragrance oil or in candle wax with no negative interaction with candle dyes or fragrances during storage.

Performance Highlights

  • High thermal stability
  • Broad compatibility in natural/paraffin wax blends
  • Good weathering performance in candle applications
  • Protects candle from color fading and in store color shift due to store display lighting
  • No negative interaction with candle dyes or fragrances
  • Low viscosity, enhanced thermal stability, reduced color