Dispersions & Resins

Efka® PX 4703

Efka® PX 4703 is a 100% active dispersant suitable for different ink systems. Efka® PX 4703 is excellent in stabilizing organic and inorganic pigments in low-viscosity systems based on acrylate-functional UV-monomers and in organic solvents. Efka® PX 4703 also shows excellent performance in Resin-Free (RFPC) and Resin-Containing Pigment Concentrates (RCPC) for a wide range of solvent-based industrial and automotive coatings.

Performance Highlights

  • 100% active, high molecular-weight dispersant
  • Made by Controlled Free Radical Polymerization (CFRP) allowsing the production of polymeric dispersants with highly defined polymer structure and a low polydispersity index
  • Very effective in UV-curable and in mild-solvent ink-jet systems
  • Excellently suited for UV-curable ink systems including UV-curable flexographic-, litho- and screen inks
  • Well suited for solvent-based resin free (RFPC) and resin-containing pigment concentrates (RCPC) in a wide range of applications