Dispersions & Resins

Efka® PX 4787

Efka® PX 4787 is a high molecular weight dispersing agent designed to disperse and stabilize organic pigments and carbon-blacks. Use of Efka® PX 4787 results in significantly lower pigment paste viscosity without having to use high level of dispersant. Efka® PX 4787 is suitable for industrial and automotive coatings, especially where resin-matrix reactive dispersant is desired.

Performance Highlights

  • Exponentially low pigment paste viscosities at lower addition levels
  • Relatively consistent and stable viscosities over wide addition range
  • Cross-linkable with -NCO- and melamine-based resin matrices for optimal durability
  • Exceptional jetness for carbon black pigments
  • Excellent gloss development
  • Highest available transparency in CAB-containing systems