Dispersions & Resins

Hydropalat® SL 3683

Hydropalat® SL 3683 is a highly effective slip and anti-blocking additive. It is suitable for aqueous paint, coating and ink formulations to provide slip, mar resistance and anti-blocking properties. It is suitable for all kinds of paints including clear coating formulations (e.g. wood coatings). Combining Hydropalat® SL 3683 with Hydropalat® WE 3221 can enhance the compatibility of the additives and improve the surface appearance.

Performance Highlights

  • Excellent slip and mar resistance
  • Excellent anti-blocking properties
  • Broad compatibility with different binder systems
  • Suitable for glossy and matt pigmented systems, and clear coats (wood coatings)

Sustainability Highlights

  • More sustainable vs existing market standards
  • Tin-free
  • Free of Ethyl-benzene
  • Low D4 content