Dispersions & Resins

Rheovis® HS 1153

Rheovis® HS 1153 is a hydrophobically modified alkali swellable emulsions (HASE) and effectively enhance the low-shear rheology in water-based coating systems. This pseudoplastic rheology gives paint formulators a cost-effective way to improve anti-settling and sag resistance. It is especially recommended for paints and plasters.

Performance Highlights

  • Imparting high pseudo­plasticity
  • Improvement of settling and sag resistance
  • Excellent spatter and sag resistance
  • Compatible with a variety of paint systems
  • Good viscosity stability after tinting
  • Easy handling due to low viscous product form
  • Higher solids compared to market standards

Sustainability Highlights

  • Low VOC acc. to EU 2004/42
  • Very efficient at low dosage