Dispersions & Resins

Rheovis® PU 1193

Rheovis® PU 1193 outperforms earlier generations of pseudoplastic polyurethane rheology modifiers. It provides stronger low-shear thickening and easier incorporation in a wide range of aqueous formulations. It is especially suitable for aqueous spray applications where excellent sag resistance is required. Rheovis® PU 1192 provides the optimum performance in aqueous clear and high gloss top coatings, as well as anti-corrosive paints and thick layer systems.

Performance Highlights

  • Benchmark low-shear efficiency
  • Rheological profile is extremely pseudoplastic
  • Outstanding sag resistance and levelling
  • Enables easier defoaming (less HASE thickener needed)
  • Easy handling - free-flowing at room temperature
  • Improved block resistance

Sustainability Highlights

  • Low VOC acc. to EU 2004/42
  • Biocide-free (PU 1193)
  • Most efficient low shear HEUR thickener