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BASF’s synthetic rheology modifiers include non-ionic associative (HEUR/HMPE), anionic associative (HASE) and non-associative thickener (ASE) technologies. Our focus is on highly efficient additives for water-based systems. Our rheology modifiers also provide additional functionalities like wetting properties and health or environmental benefits such as suitability for formulations free of VOCs, odors, APEOs and heavy metals.

Rheology modifiers from BASF effectively reduce dripping and spattering of paint during roller or brush application. Sag resistance is improved by a rapid but controlled viscosity increase after application. They also reliably prevent sedimentation of pigments during transport and storage of the paint.

We offer six classes of rheological additives for paints and coatings:

  • Rheovis® AS: Alkali swellable emulsions (ASE)
  • Rheovis® HS: Hydrophobically modified alkali swellable emulsions (HASE)
  • Rheovis® PU: Hydrophobically modified polyurethanes (HEUR)
  • Rheovis® PE: Hydrophobically modified polyethers (HMPE)
  • Attagel®: Attapulgites (inorganic rheology modifiers)
  • Efka® RM: Castor oil based thixotropes

Each product class has its own properties and applications. Our Rheovis® PU and PE series of associative thickeners stand out as a class of groundbreaking additives based primarily on hydrophobically modified polyether and polyurethane derivatives.

These rheology modifiers enable you to create a wide variety of rheological profiles to give water-based paints and coatings precisely the attributes you and your consumers are seeking. For example, you can modify the rheological behavior of aqueous paints and coatings to make them either more Newtonian (brush, roll-on, curtain coating) or more pseudoplastic (spray) to optimize application properties.


At BASF Performance and Formulation Additives, you will find experts who understand your specific needs and are glad to support you in finding the right rheology modifiers for your formulations.

Performance Highlights

  • Broad portfolio of synthetic rheology modifiers, including Non-ionic Associative (HEUR / HMPE), Anionic Associative (HASE) and Non-associative Thickener (ASE) technologies
  • Focused on water-based systems with highly efficient products that provide additional functionality like wetting properties and health or environmental aspects (free of VOC, odor, APEO and heavy metals) coupled by excellent long term stability

Sustainabilty Highlights

  • VOC-free in accordance with EU 2004/42 and US-EPA Method 24
  • Does not contain mineral oils
  • Best-in-class with ultra-low SVOC
  • Free of colors
  • Environmentally sound polymer technology
  • Designed to be used in paints with pro-environmental labelling (Blue Angel, Ecolabel, German TÜV)

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Last Update June 7, 2021